Sunday, March 28, 2010

Elocution at SEGi collage

Last tuesday, there was an announcement that there is going to be a public speaking (elocution) competition held by The Star at SEGi collage, Penang Island. Abruptly, i remembered last year's Elocution in school. I was 2nd along with Jia Yu(a good friend of mine). How I loved the feeling of it. On that day, the teacher (which is also the judge) came towards my class and asked the teacher presently in class whether can she borrow me? After much consideration, the teacher reluctantly allowed. Then, the teacher asked me to gather all the participants of the Elocution and meet up with her in the Bilik Seni. Fortunately, the teachers of the other classes were "absent" or just lazy... and they just left the class without hesitation.

After gathering everyone, the teacher was already awaiting our arrival. Then, after having seated, it began. At that time, I was VERY afraid, not because I havent memorised my speach, but due to the fact that I had a little problem with audiences. I get all nervous and just go blank, if you know what I mean. "Anyone who has the surname Chan here?" the teacher asked. Everyone was wandering why did she want to know whose surname was Chan. I for one, thought she wanted to know whether anyone of the participants were of the same surname as her. As it turns out, no Chan's were there. Then, she asked "Are there any Goh's here?". I raised my hand in suspicion. As it turned out!!!! She said "Go on, wha'cha waiting for?".

My mind was racing as fast as the grand prix, what did she mean by "what'cha waiting for?". Then, it suddenly occured to me. I WAS FIRST!!! What was god thinking of? letting me go first. Does he enjoy tormenting me?!! Anyway, in short, i was in a panic state. I was almost trembling in my shoes, which Jia Yu said after I finished giving my speach. Then, the teacher asked me to calm down, take a deep breath. It didn't work, after taking several breaths, I was even more nervous. Frankly, it's not something an ordinary person can comprehand. Therefore, just picture this "You are the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, and you're expected to be present at the queen's royal wedding at 8 o'clock sharp and the time now is 9 o'clock." That's how bad it can get. Suddenly, I felt like I accidently sprang a leak from below. However, lucky for me, I was wrong.

Suddenly, my courage came back to me. It hit me, like an oil tanker going at 260km/h. Then, I started. "bla....bla.....bla...bla...yadda...yadda...yadd...". I finished. The audience was dumbfounded. They were thinking "oh my god, what happened? He was as shocked as a mouse being caught by a cat one second ago, but how did he...". In short, I did great, with a capital G. In the end, I was awarded number 2, which kind of took me by surprise as I was and still am a victim of stage fright.

A tribute to : Jia Yu (thx for the support), Daren (which did not help me the slightest) and most of all my courage (thx for standing up for me) ^@^..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A decision which changed my life FOREVER!!

Recently, I turned Form 4. Before I came into Form 4, on the last 2 weeks of my Form 3, I decided to join some activities organised by my school. Actually, it was kind of fun - always running out of the parameters of the classroom, joining some rediculous activity which my classmates were not familiar of. Everytime, I just had a good excuse to leave the class. For instance, I joined English debating, English elocution ( public speaking ) and English Mini Sketch. In other words, I was kind of a freaky English dude - my friends started naming me that after I went out of the class as often as 4 hours per day.

Then, as though an alien suddenly landed on earth, a coconut fell from the sky and hit me (metaphorically speaking). I loved ENGLISH!! The answer was just right under my noses and I didnt notice until Form 4. This year, it is a new year, which also meant that it is a time for new beginnings. After joining every other event from A~Z (English debate, English elocution, English Mini Sketch) except Scrabble- i really suck at it, I was in a kind of "group". This group consists of all the top English students in the Form 4, Form 5. Fortunately, they were more socialable than I expected them to be. Picture this, you have just come back from a 10-year trip travelling and your friends are waiting for your department. After you departure, they're like : " Hey, we havent seen you in ages, good to have you back, I heard that the new Char Kuey Tiao stall is the best in town, you wanna go have a bite? My treat." The feeling of coming back to your own kind. Life's just full of wonders, aint it?

I hope I can learn something important about life and studies from them. They are just like my long lost siblings. And guys, if you ever find my blog, thx for everything.

Love and kisses to : Daren (evil twin), Violet (with her sexy voice), Lydia (the heart of the whole group).